Monday Motivation: Fresh Start, Clean Slate, New Beginning

by Kacie Phillips on July 9, 2012

It’s Monday… again.  Yes, yes… I know I shouldn’t be “excited” about Mondays, but I may just be one of the few people that is!  Mondays are a FRESH START, a clean slate, a new beginning. Every single week, we get to start fresh with eating clean & exercising.  The same goes for each and every day, but there is something to said about the new beginning for a full week.  It is NEVER too late to pick up the pieces to a broken diet, a “cheat day,” or anything of the sort.  And what better time to start again than a beautiful and cheery Monday?!

Sunday Funday Recap

Yesterday, I started my day with a delicious bowl of oatmeal.  I used almond milk; and I added peach, blueberries, strawberries, and Chia Seeds.  YUM! For lunch, I had Panera Bread and it was delicious.  Where I currently live, we do not have Panera and having grown up on it, I couldn’t resist when I came to visit my parents.  But, one thing has changed for me.  In the past, I always got the same meal: Sierra Turkey sandwich, Mac & Cheese, and a Baguette.  This totals to over 1,000 calories… FOR “HEALTHY FOOD!”  Don’t be fooled!

Instead of my usual, I opted for THIS: A much healthier alternative to “the usual.”  It really is the small changes that add up to a healthier and fitter lifestyle.

Next up, we went to see the new movie Ted.  Have you seen it?!  I’m curious to hear what others thought of it.  I thought it was different and interesting; I will leave it at that.



After some afternoon shopping, my parents were dying for some Mexican food.  I do NOT like going to Mexican restaurants (similar to my aversion to buffets) because it’s too much temptation.  Does anybody ever really leave a Mexican restaurant thinking, “Oh, I’m still hungry… that just wasn’t too much food.”  I think not.  You leave OVERLY FULL, bloated, with an intake of thousands of unnecessary calories.  Regardless, I went.  And the chips and salsa did what it always does: IT TEMPTED ME and I gave in. :(  BIG TIME.  Meal wise, I opted for a grilled chicken breast over spinach, mushrooms, and onions; with a side of rice & beans.  Still, not that great.  But a better alternative to other things on the menu.

As you can imagine, I left feeling utterly disgusting.  The only thing on my mind was getting home and working it all off.  It’s funny how fitness does this to you.  You begin eating in terms of exercise: You measure your food based on what it will take to burn it off.  Or is that just me? ;)

I decided I needed to bust out a killer run.  I wasn’t sure how much I could handle after all the food; but I surprised even myself and busted out a 10K!  Yes, 6.2 miles of running my booty off!  Thanks to my AMAZING Garmin watch, I was able to monitor my pace the whole way through so I was sure to be maintaining a decent time.  It wasn’t Olympic medal timing or even half-marathon worthy timing; but, it was satisfactory given the circumstances of post-food intake times 103902.  I burned 644 calories and averaged a 9:00 mile pace.  I’m impressed with myself because I pushed HARD.  I was so done after about 4 miles, but I pushed through.  I told myself I could do it; and I did.  This is why I love exercise.  SO MUCH OF IT IS MENTAL.  If anyone says otherwise, send them my way… I would love to discuss. ;)

See my Garmin Connect course + run information here: 

Post run, I turned to a workout I saw on Instagram earlier in the afternoon.  It is a variation of the handy dandy #PlankADay, and I just had to give it a try.

Plank Rotations

This workout is courtesy of Terese, VERY well-know as @karolinaterese on Instagram.  If you don’t always follow her on Instagram, do so now.  She is amazing and such an inspiration day in and day out.

This exercise targets most parts of you body, but mainly your core!

  1. Place yourself in the regular plank position, hold it for 30 secs!
  2. Now rotate into a side plank, and hold for 30 secs!
  3. Keep turning in the same direction, now into a back plank/reversed plank, as shown in the 3rd pic! Hold for 30 secs!
  4. Rotate into a side plank again, obviously not the same one as before, but the other side! Hold for 30 secs!
  5. All 4 planks counts as one set. Do 3 or 4!








Following 3 sets of Plank Rotations, I opted to continue striving for my 5 minute plank through a #PlankADay challenge.  I managed 3 minutes!!!

In the image to the right, you can see my form.  I was able to maintain a decent form, but I do note a dip in my core (lower back).  This is something I need to work out and improve to get the most out of my planks.  I will work to tighten my core; I think this will pull it upward and straighten my back.

I highly recommend having someone photograph your plank form.  This is the best way to note any errors in form.  A visual graphic is the perfect took to improve your workouts and strive to better yourself.

Total Workout (Post-Run)

  • (3x) 4 Sided Plank Rotation
  • (5x) #PlankADay: Varying Times
  • (3x) 25 Dumbbell Squats
  • (3x) 25 Bicep Curls, 25 Hammer Curls, 25 Shoulder Press, 25 Lateral Raise
  • (3x) 50 Crunches

This was the PERFECT end to a perfect run and a KILLER workout.  It was MOST definitely needed after a day that I did not eat as cleanly as I should have.

Post-worked, I chugged and chugged water and opted for some fresh fruit.  I paid a visit to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning and their is nothing better than FRESH fruit!  YUM!

I should have added in some protein, maybe Greek Yogurt… but I didn’t.  The fruit sufficed.

Until next time, stay motivated and stay accountable!  And don’t forget, every new week and every new DAY is a fresh start.  I speak from experience!  Yesterday is behind me and today is a new day.  I pledge to eat clean and train mean.  Do you?

xoxo Savvy Sassy Me


  • Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt

    Ok, I have to admit that I’m in love with my Garmin, too. If it weren’t an inanimate object, I might have an affair with it. Ok, just kidding; sort of… Great job on your planks! I can only hold it for 2 minutes before my core and arms start rebelling. I’ve never tried the reverse plank so I’m excited to add some variety – thanks!

    • Kacie Phillips

      Having a GPS-enabled watch to track pace has made ALL the difference in my runs. I love it!

  • Terese

    Thanks for sharing, and your kind words! Btw i noticed your ‘dip’ too haha :) in the precious plank pics here too, so keep it up! :) You look great and your blog is great too <3!

    • Kacie Phillips

      No problem! Stumbling upon your instagram has proven to be so beneficial for me! I love all your posts. More than happy to feature your content. And that dip is killing me! Any suggestions on fixing that?

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