Simple & Clean Buffalo Avocado Salad

by Kacie Phillips on July 23, 2012


  • 1/2 Head of Lettuce (Thinly chopped)
  • 1/2 package of Spinach (Thinly chopped)
  • Tomato (I used about 8 roma, cut in slivers)
  • 1/2 Red Onion (I use a lot, because I love it)
  • 1/2 Bell Pepper
  • Grilled Chicken (optional)
As always with veggies, use what is on hand!  When preparing a salad, use what you have readily available.  For simple and clean, you don’t need every ingredient.  You need the “spark” of an idea and you can build upon that. YUM!

Salad Dressing


Note: If you want it to be chunky, simply use a fork to mix it up (this is what I did).  If you want it smooth, blend in a food processor.

Evenly coat the salad with the dressing!

Yields: 2 Servings

And there you go!  It’s a simple, light, and deliciously spicy meal!  Enjoy; I love using avocado as a dressing base.  It’s creamy and coats the salad without adding all the yucky extra calories and unhealthy fats of alternate dressings!  Also, greek yogurt is the perfect replacement for a sour cream base.  Make the swap to eat clean. :)

xoxo Savvy Sassy Me

  • Divya @ Eat.Teach.Blog.

    yum!!!!!! I’m definitely going to try this!

  • Christine @ Love, Life, Surf

    That’s a great looking salad!

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  • Lisa

    This looks SO delicious! I must make this soon.

    • Kacie Phillips

      Did you try it? Let me know what you think! ;)

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