Rely On Your BODY, Not On Technology

by Kacie Phillips on August 18, 2012

Today, I learned a very important lesson.  And like any worthwhile lesson, I learned it the hard way.  It all began this morning at 6:58 a.m. (okay, okay…it actually started at 6:15 but I may or not have hit snooze many of times before I finally made myself GET UP).

Boy oh boy, I NEVER want to get up early and workout… but it is so amazing to do so.  When I start my day with a workout, I have a happier and more productive day.  I just need to stay motivated to keep making it happen!

This morning, I woke up prepared to do my long run of 10 miles.  I am just about 5 weeks from my half-marathon, and I really need to step it up in training.  Today was the perfect day for this run.  Until I got on the open road…

I set up my Garmin Forerunner 410 on my way out the door.  I set it for 10 miles (aiming for 10:30 pace on this one).  I started off on a jog and clicked “START” or so I thought.  About 10 minutes into my run, I looked down at my watch and realized it hadn’t began.  CRAP.  I wasn’t sure how far I had gone thus far (though I could estimate) and this was NOT a good start.  I clicked “START” and made sure it began this time.  But what next?  ”LOW BATTERY.”  DOUBLE CRAP!  I knew it wouldn’t last throughout my run, but I hoped for the best and continued on.

About 20 more minutes into my run, I had to pee.  UGH!  On campus at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday… not so many options for bathrooms.  Not to mention I was in my sports bra…so yeah.  I tried the rec, thinking it would be semi-acceptable attire in there and CLOSED.  I finally ended up in our Student Union Building…yeah, that was awkward.  Did I mention it is campus-wide move-in day and people were EVERYWHERE? “Oh, hi. Don’t mind me. I’m just RUNNING to the bathroom in my sports bra.  This is typical around here.”

On my way back outside, I decided to give up on this 10 mile run.  It wasn’t going anywhere as I was starting and stopping (and not able to pace it).  So, I decided to reset my watch for intervals.  AND CUE THE IPOD DYING. Okay, really now? This too? I could push the long run until tomorrow morning.  I set the watch to 3 miles of half mile intervals with a 2 min rest in between.  This would be good.  I could just get my heart REALLY pumping and move on with my day.  After 1 mile of my interval cycle, the watch died.  At this point, I kid you not.. I was just running mindlessly and aimlessly.  I made up my own intervals for about another 20 or so minutes.

“I’ll sprint to the stop sign and take a quick break until the big red pole.”

“I’ll do high knees until I reach the English building…and butt kickers until the end of the street.”

“Blah..blah..blah. How fast am I going? Where am I going? What’s my pace? Yeah, this sucks.”

I headed back to my apartment after quite the interesting morning run and did a bit of core work (planks/side planks/crunches).

I began to reflect on my run and came to the conclusion that I have become entirely too dependent on technology.  On my Garmin.  On my iPod.  On just about anything besides my body.  

When did a workout become null and void because I didn’t have a watch to pace my progress?  When did it become “difficult” to simply run because I didn’t have music?  I have my body and I have my mind–I don’t NEED the technology.  Sure, it’s great.  And sure, I love it.  And YES, I will continue to use it.  But at the end of the day, I don’t need to be so dependent on it.  It’s nice to have…but it doesn’t define a workout.  It doesn’t define a workout and doesn’t define the capabilities of my body.

The best part about focusing on your body?  You can appreciate it.  I never post pictures like this but following my very interesting morning run, I was very in tune with my body and I actually noticed progress.  This is such a beautiful feeling to appreciate your body, and note your own progress.  I for one am my biggest critic, and noticing my body developing and changing thanks to hard work–it feels amazing.  

I eat clean.  I train mean.  And it all becomes worth it when I myself see a change.

My technology-less crappy run? This was a very important lesson that I learned.  And with every lesson comes a challenge.  I am challenging myself to workout without technology at least ONCE this week.  I am going to simply go out–with just me, myself, and I and RUN.  I won’t pace it.  I won’t time it.  I won’t listen to music while I go.  I will just run.  I don’t need technology.  I push my body daily and it’s about time I took the opportunity to focus on its capabilities, just as it is.

And, I challenge YOU.  Do ONE workout this week without your watch, without the time, without a “pace,” and without distraction.  Focus on YOU.  Focus on your body.  Focus on everything you are capable of, just as you are.

Over the course of the week, if you decide to join in and take this challenge… TAG ME IN YOUR TWITTER POSTS or INSTAGRAM POSTS.  I am @kacie_phillips on twitter and @savvysassyme on instagram.  I am establishing a more formal challenge (think maybe a giveaway?) for an upcoming month…but for now, just try it out and let me know how you do! ;)

xoxo Savvy Sassy Me

  • Jenna

    Oh I love this post so much! You’re completely right! We all depend a ton on our techie stuff instead of really tuning unto our body! I never really thought about this until now, but you’re so right!!!! Thanks for sharing this awesome insight! Spalove!!!

    • Kacie Phillips

      Absolutely, Jenna! It takes the hard lessons to show this! I am very dependent upon it–but hopefully getting better! Enjoy your day!

  • Abby @ BackAtSquareZero

    I don’t have a fancy Garmin or anything so most of my runs are technologyless. I find I appreciate it more that way sometimes.
    And darn girl you look good. Even my finally goal (what I want to look like) doesn’t look that amazing. Wow. Way to work for it.

    • Kacie Phillips

      Abby- That is amazing! I have heard that people enjoy running so much more without watches/music/etc. I don’t know how y’all do it! But kudos! And thank you for the words of encouragement! It’s very much appreciated. :)

  • Gina @ Noshing on Asphalt

    I hate to admit this, but I rely on my Garmin way too much! I’m totally lost if I forget it on a run and it really makes me want to cancel the run because (in my OCD mind) if I don’t have accurate stats what good is the run. I miss my pre-Garmin days of running just for fun, not for specific goals. I think we could all take something from your post and try to unplug a bit. :)

  • Sara @ running in pink

    I couldn’t agree with you more, some of my best runs are when I have no music and I just focus on my body an the run. I do take my Harmon but I don’t pay attention to pace mostly just for distance because of the races I’m training for. If I’m not training for anything I love going out “naked” of technology and just being in the moment of the run.

  • Alex (@alexbridgeforth)

    Bummer! My garmin stays on the charger if i’m not using it.

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